Friends of Chakchiuma Swamp Natural Area

The Friends of the CSNA is a community organization functioning under the 501(3)c of the Grenada Community Foundation. We are dedicated to the conservation of Chakchiuma Swamp Natural Area, a city property just north of downtown Grenada on the Yalobusha River and adjacent to the Grenada Public Boat Ramp.
Our mission is to assist the City of Grenada in the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife management at Chakchiuma Swamp Natural Area as a nature park destination.
Our vision is to provide opportunities for all people to experience the beauty of biodiversity in a unique wetland habitat conveniently located .25 miles from our town square.
Chakchiuma Swamp Natural Area is 300 acres of mature cypress/tupelo swamp with a surrounding bottomland forest. It’s impressive biodiversity is a result of it’s place as a link in a green corridor including the Yalobusha River, Bogue Creek and  US Army Corp bottomland and loess forests adjacent to Grenada Lake.
It’s proximity to downtown makes it the perfect place to escape from a hectic day and experience the peace offered by nature. Explore and learn about wetland habitat, relax and listen to birds, frogs, katydids or walk and share your discoveries.
In 2009 it was identified as a Natural Heritage Area by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks for its outstanding habitat and biodiversity.

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