20160110_152857FOREST FRIENDS get ready to save more trees in ChakChiuma Swamp Natural Area!!!

This generous Forest Friend is offering .50 on for every $1.00!! This will be applied to all contributions we have received or will receive.


$25        => $37

$50        => $75

$150      => $225

$500      => $750

$1000    => $1500

$25,000 => $37,500

More FUN with MATH!!

In just 5 weeks 126 forest friends have contributed $15,277.00 which just became $22,915.00 thanks to our super duper Forest Friend.

We are getting SO CLOSE to our current goal of $25,000 by March 13 which is 2 weeks away!!  We can get there if 150 people Friend trees valued at $50 – $100.

The ultimate goal is $200,000! We are seeking Forest Friends at the corporate level to help us make this happen. $20,000 becomes $30,000…like magic!

Though money is important to secure the forest it is only a means to a more important end    COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS AND CONSERVATION!!

Consider being a Forest Friend…Do it for a tree! Do it for community! Do it for our city! Do it for biodiversity! Do it for you!!

And…to make it even sweeter =>

  • All contributions are tax deductible
  • Forest Friends will be paired with a tree whose timber value, based on size and species,  match contribution amount.
  • Forest Friends will receive a Robin Whitfield watercolor print with details about your Tree Friend species and location.
  • Trees can be named in memorial to someone or gifted to someone.
  • Securing the forest will ensure a 4 mile trail system built by Wildlife Mississippi over the next 2 years.

Written by Robin Whitfield

An artist, naturalist and the Director of Friends of Chakchiuma Swamp at Lee Tartt Nature Preserve

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