About Us

The Friends of Chakchiuma Swamp is a community organization functioning under the 501(3)c of the Grenada Community Foundation with the dual purpose of conservation of Chakchiuma Swamp at Lee Tartt Nature Preserve and education in the City of Grenada.

OUR MISSION as Friends of Chakchiuma Swamp (FCS) is to protect and restore Chakchiuma Swamp habitat within Lee Tartt Nature Preserve (LTNP) for the benefit of Grenada County biodiversity and all Grenada residents and visitors.

Our vision is to provide opportunities for all people to experience the beauty of biodiversity in a unique wetland habitat conveniently located .25 miles from our town square.



  • A protected area of Chakchiuma Swamp; a 300 acre wetland complex of oxbow lakes, bottomland forest and vernal pools rich in biodiversity and critical habitat for birds
  • An urban forest and public green space in downtown Grenada; designed for visitors to have meaningful experiences with nature
  • Part of a large natural system along the Yalobusha River near thousands of protected acres at Grenada Lake and Malmaison Wildlife Management Area
  • Under the stewardship and management of Friends of Chakchiuma Swamp and existing on public property owned by the City of Grenada


  • Protects the Chakchiuma Swamp ecosystem within Lee Tartt Nature Preserve through land management practices based on the LTNP Land Use Management Plan (2018) created by Strawberry Plains Audubon Center wildlife biologists;
  • Preserves the natural and cultural landscape in harmony with the natural heritage as described in The Vascular Plants of Grenada County(1987) by Dr. Wayne Morris, the unique genetic integrity of central Mississippi native plants, and the history of downtown Grenada;
  • Provides educational opportunities for children and adults to increase their understanding of the relationships between themselves and nature;
  • Promotes responsible recreation, creative interaction, scientific research and quiet enjoyment of the land in keeping with its fragility, serenity, and natural beauty.
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